So many shades tint my soul
with memories of you

My life’s more colorful without you
but only if you’re counting blue

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The blankness of the page

I sit here staring
at the blankness
of the page
if I could ever do it.
would inspiration
ever come?

It actually had come
many times
in a flash of a title
or a snippet of a line
but nothing more
no words
no sentences
no pages
had ever come.
was that because
I had nothing
meaningful to say
or because I had
no idea
how to say it?

I believed that I had
something to say
but knowing what words
to set down
on that blank page
ah, there was the rub
how to put my thoughts
in such a way
that they would form
meaningful thoughts
to someone
besides myself.
what it came down to
was this – if
I did finally write
how would I know
whether anyone
would read it?
but finally, I knew
that it mattered not
if anyone read it –
just that I wrote it.

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The Master

How many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn’t see?
— Bob Dylan, “Blowin’ in the Wind”

I have often spoken about how songs are poetry set to music, and Dylan has long been known as the Poet Laureate of Rock ‘n Roll. Congratulations on receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature. I can think of no one who deserves this high honor more than the man who defined his generation through his thought-provoking lyrics and political acumen.

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How I Hope You Feel One Day

You never promised me a rose garden
No picnic of a life
But somewhere down the line, I realized
That was good advice
You didn’t try to sugar coat
The way that life would be
But when I took another hit
You were always there for me

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All About Alliteration

an ardent aardvark
asked an
affable anteater
about apples.
Almost as
an aside,
Adam answered,
“Actually, apples
are always
appealing and
also affordable.”

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The wind brings me
My brother’s laugh
My daughter’s song
A loving tribute in the sand
I see the lives I touched
As I watch from the sky

The breeze carries
My mother’s cries
On a poignant line
A song speaking truth about
The twisting turns and rocky roads
That were my life

It’s true I’m gone, but I am remembered
For my satire and my song
Loving right but living wrong
Life ran out, but I live on
As I watch from the sky

Our hearts still beat together
As you carry on your lives,
I watch over from the sky

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Before and After

There is before
and there is after

Before was
inside jokes

After is

Since you left
after is all I have
but before keeps me going

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A life

Every souvenir I keep
Has a memory of its own
Reminding me
Of roads that I’ve been down

A scrap of paper with a poem, written through tears
A dog-eared book
My first desire chip
Hospital bands from babies born
A photo of me in prison whites
Cards with messages of hope
Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees
The baby blue ribbon from your casket

The road less traveled?
Maybe not, but it’s my journey
And I remember
All the twists and curves
Wrong turns and dead ends
Near misses and crashes
And the long stretches of open highway
That brought me here

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Small Stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff
And it’s all small stuff
Thinking about it and worrying about it
Won’t make it go away

Don’t sweat the small stuff
Stand up and take charge
Fix it, fire it, kiss it, or choke it
And live your life today

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Tribute to the tributes

In District 12 where we lay our scene
Gathering together every teen

Holding their breath as Effie draws names
To see who will be tribute for the Hunger Games

Prim hears her name and terror wracks her face
‘Til sister Katniss takes her place

Peeta Mellark is called as well
One boy, one girl, headed off to hell

Telling families goodbye as everyone knows
Only one can survive and make it back home

The lap of luxury for a few days and nights
Living like royalty while training to fight

The capital people all gawk at the show
Katniss’ dress on fire only heightens their glow

Peeta’s professes his love for the girl on fire
But Katniss only scorns his open desire

The time has come to enter the ring
Survival the only important thing

24 teen pitted in this fight down to one
The gloves are off; alliances gone

A melee breaks out as they fight for supplies
When the dust settles, only twelve will survive

Half are gone after just day one
But the real terrors have only begun

Katniss quickly becomes the one to beat
Cato and his crew step up the heat

Chase her into the trees and wait for her to come down
But instead tracker jackers crash to the ground

Killing one tribute while Katniss, too, is stung
Peeta keeps yelling at her to run

Run she does, getting far away
But too far for the game makers to let her stay

They bomb her with fire, reining her in
Sending her back towards the others again

An alliance with Rue helps keep Katniss strong
The mockingjay call lets them know they belong

Supplies get blown up with a well-drawn arrow
But Rue cries out as she’s caught like a sparrow

Protecting Rue, Katniss shoots to kill
But not before his spear kills Rue as well

A beautiful send-off as Katniss mourns
Tired and alone, she’s left feeling forlorn

An announcement is made, giving Katniss new hope
Two from the same district can now both go home

A frantic search leads to a wounded beau
She and Peeta find a cave and dream of home

Refreshed and renewed, they go looking for gear
The day grows dark; a new sense of fear

The final three gather as the end draws near
The hell hounds unleashed rip Cato ear to ear

Rules change again; only one can go home
Poison berries become the final showdown

Together ready to die if only one can leave
Finally halted and allowed a co-victory

They’ve survived the games, but all is not well
Snow vows to again send them to the bowels of hell.

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